Fizz Benefits started by offering market leading discounts covering approximately 98% of all online retailers in the UK. Since then we have evolved and now offer a range of services ranging from reward and recognition solutions to branded pre-paid digital MasterCard as well as customer loyalty schemes and benefits to membership organisations

Fizz Benefits are leading the way at providing a range of comprehensive benefits to employees, members or customers at a low cost

Our approach

We have very simple charging structures that ensure you get great value for your organisation. We pass on the maximum benefit to your members and charge a simple annual fee to you for the service

Our menu approach to services enables you to select the elements that you want with the ability to add or remove services over time. We recognise that the best schemes are those that are promoted and refreshed on a regular basis. We are here to help you through the lifecycle of your individual scheme to ensure that together we deliver maximum value to your members


Why choose Fizz?

Fizz offers a range of solutions to help you reward and recognise

All of our offerings are based on the principles of quality, value and simplicity

We strive to provide valuable solutions at very low cost to organisations of every size and we believe that Fizz cannot be beaten on price


Some of Our Partners

We are privately owned

Fizz are a privately owned business established in August 2012, over the years we have grown into the disruptive provider in this market. We operate an extremely efficient model allowing us to pass on the maximum benefit to our members whilst remaining profitable. Fizz isn't funded, this means we rely on our reputation and quality of service rather than allowing loss making decisions to gain market share. If you like our philosophy you will like us, we keep things simple and focus on whats important. Saving you money every day.

We are a community

Our partners and clients are our community, we listen and we learn from each other to provide services that reflect our members needs. We also use this community to communicate each others offerings so if a client needs something that we do not offer directly we normally know one of partners who can. Fizz believe personal recommendations and introductions are invaluable so once you become a member of our community you will share our network and knowledge. We would welcome you to join us. Together we save our members money everyday.